Sun shines on shopper numbers

Springboard records uplift in footfall

The bank holiday weekend boosted footfall for last week as shoppers took advantage of a three-day weekend bathed in sunshine. Consequently, footfall rose +0.4 per cent on average across all location types, an improvement upon the -1.3 per cent drop for the same week last year. Interestingly, despite the advantage of an extra day, numbers dropped against the previous week to most location types with an overall result of -1.5 per cent.

Fortunes were varied across the location types with high streets reaping the advantage of the weather with an increase against last year of +1.5 per cent and against the previous week by +0.1 per cent. With the exception of the South East and West Midlands which both saw slight dips of -0.6 per cent and -1.4 per cent, the annual rise was comprehensive across the UK.

Shopping centres felt the opposite impact of the long sunny weekend as shopper numbers dove -1.7 per cent against last year and -3.8 per cent against the previous week. Scotland alone managed to avoid the annual decline with a result of +1.0 per cent for the week. Retail parks with the combination of convenience and outdoor but without the expanse of choice offered by high streets and shopping centres nestled between the other results with an annual increase of +0.3 per cent (on top of a rise of +1.4 per cent for last year) but dropped -2.4 per cent against the previous week.

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