Sun brings out the shoppers

Springboard records footfall increases across the board

In contrast to the drops of previous week, the sunny weather across the country enticed consumers to stores and back to spending with figures rising +3.9 per cent against the previous week and +0.5 per cent against the same week last year. This annual increase building upon the result of just -0.1 per cent for the same week last year.

All retail locations increased against the previous week, no doubt assisted by falling into the final week of the month bringing payday for much of the country. Shopper destination annual performance polarised however with the outdoor locations or high streets and retail parks experiencing growth whilst shopping centres saw a drop of -3.8 per cent (below the ytd of -3.0 per cent). High streets and retail parks increased +2.0 per cent and +1.8 per cent respectively with just two regions apiece seeing drops for the week. Regionally, the West Midlands and North and Yorkshire saw the largest growth with numbers rising +3.5 per cent and +2.5 per cent against last week.

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