Shopping Centre Management Conference

Sponsors of the Shopping Centre Management Conference 2016

Published:  01 March, 2016

Shopping Centre and BCSC were delighted to once again be jointly delivering the Shopping Centre Management Conference in 2016, this time in Brighton. Proud sponsors included...



Do you seek—more than ever—to lower your facility’s operating costs, increase efficiency and improve performance?

Outsourcing of non-core functions is a forward-thinking answer. And ABM is your ideal facility services partner. Whatever your needs, we’ll provide expertise in your type of facility and deploy our technology-enabled workforce immediately so you can focus on your core business.

Through reliable services and sustainability practices, we keep properties safe, clean, comfortable, and energy efficient. We take the time to understand your vision, culture, and corporate and service objectives.

Our stand alone or integrated services include cleaning, security personnel & consulting, facilities engineering, electrical & lighting, energy, HVAC & mechanical, parking, and landscape & grounds.

APT Skidata

APT Skidata (part of the APT Controls Group), is one of the UK’s leading parking technology specialists. Our car access products are installed at shopping centres, airports and city centre car parks throughout the UK.

Solutions offered by APT Skidata aimed at improving the customer experience include integrated VMS Level Guidance (Variable Message Sign), full bay space management, electric vehicle charging & payment and energy efficient lighting.

In addition, APT Skidata customers can benefit from a host of opportunities using ANPR technology to significantly improve car park management. Unique customer relationship management (CRM) programmes, effective management of season ticket card holders and instant access/exit, are amongst some of the many possibilities.

SWEB B2B and SWEB B2C, the latest contract and season parker web based management programmes place control and account management directly with the businesses and individuals wishing to administer their own parking access.

APT Skidata systems can integrate with centralised control centres, allowing operators of multiple car parks to optimise control, maximise productivity and enhance revenue protection.

To find out more about the latest innovations from APT Skidata please email or call us on 020 8421 2211.


G24 - ClearPark an innovative new Pay to Park solution developed by G24 Ltd, provides clients with clear identification of who’s who in their car park. From membership card holders to big spenders, ClearPark allows your parking solutions to be tailored to each individual motorist.

Being able to identify who is in your car park is often overlooked by many car park operators, differentiating between customers and general motorists can greatly impact the effectiveness of your parking solution both locally at the site, and to your brand.

Building customer Profiles is the core of ClearPark, through the use of a customisable range of Kiosks motorists can scan their receipts or store cards for parking, and make payment by cash or card for their parking duration. By registering online to ClearPark discounts and exemptions can be applied automatically, leaving the motorist to simply shop and go.

Once a motorist shares their information with ClearPark, this information can be used through a client’s entire estate. When recording a vehicle in breach of the parking conditions, ClearPark can utilise customer Profiles before deciding on the appropriate course of action, if the motorists average spend is in excess of a predefined benchmark ClearPark could take no action, or issue a customer friendly warning letter.

PFM Footfall

PFM Counting Solutions was originally formed to pioneer footfall counting systems in the UK and Europe. We offer a unique range of equipment and bespoke software manufactured and designed by our dedicated team. We deliver systems that produce reliable and consistent data to meet the needs of our clients.

PFM systems provide key performance data to Shopping Centre Managers, Owners, Managing Agents and Retailers. We provide anything from manual counts through to fully integrated internet-hosted data analysis.

Our experience has proved time and again that detector technology and correct location selection has a major impact on performance and data quality. Consequently we use a range of detectors which enables us to provide the most suitable solution for each count area, taking into consideration the operating environment and putting the emphasis on delivering accurate, reliable and above all consistent data.

In recent years we have introduced ANPR, vehicle counting and Bluetooth tracking options for our clients in order to be able to offer the same quality experience across a larger product portfolio.

Customer support is another key element of our offer, at PFM and we strive to deliver the highest possible levels of service and our team has been carefully chosen to maintain the high standards expected by our clients.

Tel: +44 (0)1536 267 925

Photo Me

Photo-Me International Plc is an established & successful company with over 50 years experience.

The Photo-Me Group has a worldwide reputation for quality photo vending, operating over 27,000 photobooths worldwide through 23 subsidiaries. Photo-Me booths provide consumers with a convenient and cost-effective means of obtaining ID photos compliant with the new ICAO regulations.

Photo-Me International is delighted to once again sponsor the SCM Conference. This year, Photo-Me has sustained its pole position as a supplier of photobooths and coin-operated amusement machines with the addition of new pioneering designs to the product range including the Speedlab by Starck kiosks.

The Speedlab by Starck kiosks are the latest innovations in digital technology combined with an exclusive design by the legendary Philippe Starck. This latest generation of digital photo kiosks deliver high quality photos and have a user-friendly interface using a multi-touch 27” screen. Not only can you print your photos from memory cards, social media platforms or smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi but you can also use your prints to order photo gifts from the kiosks.

We are very pleased to work alongside the shopping centre industry, and we wish you an enjoyable conference.

Saica Natur UK Ltd

Saica Natur are the largest independent provider of waste & recycling services/equipment to the shopping centre industry in the UK.

We have unparalleled experience in this sector and consistently deliver sustainable results that are operationally efficient to site staff and retailers alike. So; if you want to improve your environmental credentials, save money, reduce carbon footprint and achieve zero waste to landfill.


Springboard is the leading provider of performance monitoring for retail locations. Primarily using the two key metrics of footfall and sales analysis we offer unrivalled intelligence into the performance of shopping centres, high streets and out of town locations across the UK.

 The strength and breadth of our services has led to strong collaborations with key industry bodies such as the BCSC, BRC and ATCM and widespread take up of our indices and opinion by the national media and Central Government.

Our performance metrics monitor the full visitor journey of a shopping centre or full portfolio, measuring entrance from vehicle, individual doorway, navigation through the venue and translation to sales.

Plus, our new live counting app shows a snapshot in time view of the site at any time of the day.

Springboard gathers this information and combined with our industry and market knowledge, delivers unrivalled insights to our clients.

UKPC - Dinner and Table Number Sponsor

UK Parking Control understands the challenges that face the retail industry and has created and developed award-winning methodologies, products and professional services for retail parking management, all of which enable and improve the shoppers experience. For 25 years we have been helping the retail sector to increase their revenues, improve shopper loyalty, boost footfall and enhance the overall shopping experience by implementing bespoke, innovative and intelligent parking solutions.

Whether your parking strategy or service requires a cost-neutral deployment, highly professional and courteous personnel or a technologically advanced solution, then UK Parking Control are here to help. We are the people behind successful and profitable parking.


For a complete view of our award winning and accredited offerings, please visit:



Yardi Systems is committed to providing effective real estate software solutions that deliver comprehensive management of the retail property management lifecycle. Yardi Voyager and the Yardi Commercial Suite is a fully integrated platform that helps you drive end-to-end portfolio management.

Mobile ready solutions help you enhance prospect engagement to reduce lead to lease cycles and help you deliver a wider range of tenant services.

Cost-effective property and accounting management is driven using a single, centralised property data source to create a single-source of truth that delivers live data designed around end user needs.

Eliminate duplicate data entry to streamline workflows and processes and access detailed, retail specific analytics and KPI measurements and real-time business intelligence that helps you engender loyalty and reduce retail associated risk to maximise value for centre owners.

Our Exhibitors...

Blachere Illumination

Blachere Illumination

The Blachere Illumination Group companies, Blachere Illumination UK and KD Decoratives, work closely to provide the complete range of concept designs, products, services and risk management support to Shopping Centres, Retail Parks and related sectors.

We are market leaders in:

  • External & internal creative lighting
  • Seasonal decorations and themed events
  • Specialist grotto concepts and builds
    • Schemes with footprints from 20m2 to over 250m2
    • Grottos that support a few hundred customers a day through to 1,500 per day

For over 38 years within the UK, we can demonstrate a track-record of exceptional service at delivering unique seasonal and themed experiences that excite customers and create impact.

Working closely with customers we offer affordable, tailored schemes or manage bespoke budgets. Each unique scheme can be styled traditionally or as a contemporary look or work with you to develop a scheme style that fits your particular location and group brand.

We are proud that we work with the major companies in the sector on a multitude of schemes that drive significant added value to stakeholders.

Within the UK our combined businesses can offer a full service capability of design, manufacture, logistics, installation/takedown, storage and maintenance.

We also offer a strategic service through long term safeguarding of your assets – whether they are decorations, grottos or other seasonal attractions where we offer refurbishment and redress capabilities that extend product life and assure safe use within the shopping environments concerned.


Clearhill’s reputation as leaders in innovation and service within the retail entertainment industry dates back to 1992. In providing an unrivalled selection of entertainment solutions they are able to boost revenue for their customers through increased occupancy figures, footfall and dwell time.

Clearhill’s industry knowledge and expertise is evident in their portfolio, which has evolved to seamlessly integrate with retail spaces and recommends them as the ultimate one-stop-provider of retail entertainment equipment. Product categories have expanded to include Photobooths, Kiddie Rides, Candy & Toy Carts and much more. The range available offers their customers a full service solution, an all-in-one package with one contract, one monthly commission report and a dedicated account manager. This streamlined approach is especially attractive to busy retail locations and has helped grow Clearhill’s customer base to over 200 clients including Hammerson, Westfield and Intu amongst others.

Clearhill are dedicated to the concept of “retailtainment”, bringing an unexpected touch of fun and vibrancy to retail spaces, and achieve up to £200 per square foot as a result. For more information on how they can help you to achieve the same please get in touch today at


Our clients use Coinfactory pay to play experiences as an added value feature to create supplementary income from public areas of their properties.

The range of experiences we offer is wide and varied, including Children’s rides, ID Photo Booths, Massage Chairs and a few more specialised offers, providing a one-stop shop for all your needs.

A brand new concept in mall leisure is our Playzone area, which is a mini-activity areas for kids, zoned off from the rest of retail offering and clearly marked out with brightly coloured flooring panels, which safely hide all cables and offer a safe landing for any child who should take a tumble.

With collections of the latest and most popular children’s attractions grouped together, such as ride-on machines, mini air hockey and mini pop-up whackers, Playzones are guaranteed to keep families happier for longer.

New for 2016 from Coinfactory for the larger, leisure oriented sites is the amazing FX Simulator.

In July 2015, Coinfactory acquired the manufacturer's UK operations.

Two-seater FX machines are motion simulators that mimic the feeling of being on a thrill ride with a large flat-screen monitor and synchronised movement.

This exciting family experience is a clear winner in any high footfall area.



DESIGNA design, manufacture and install fully automatic “Pay-on-foot” car parking systems. With more than 15,000 installations worldwide. From simple standalone systems, to large citywide networks, shopping centres, entire airport complexes, hotels and hospital estates. DESIGNA sets the standard and provides the answer to your parking needs. Shopping Centres are a major part of DESIGNA’s business and we have recently won a contract to install our equipment at large shopping centre in the south of England.

Our latest ecommerce car park solutions provide Shopping Centres with innovative tools.  Including pre-booking, mobile apps, web and marketing solutions which all add up to better revenue management and improved customer experience. Please visit our stand at the Shopping Centre Management Conference to learn how DESIGNA can help support your parking needs.



EPC is the UK's leading centre for organisational resilience, delivering emergency and crisis management, business continuity, cyber resilience, event and public safety training, exercising and consultancy services. Our highly experienced, industry leading experts work closely with organisations of all sizes to deliver our services to both public and private sectors in the UK and across the world.



FootFall, the retail intelligence company, works with retailers and shopping centres around the world to provide actionable insight into customer behaviour, which delivers increased revenue and improved profitability.

Part of Tyco Retail Solutions, we provide 3D data for clear cut decisions. By analysing the most relevant mix of metrics from both store and online behaviour - including customer numbers, queues, sales, marketing and other key performance data - we can identify the widest range of profit drivers.

More than 1200 retail businesses and shopping centre across 64 countries partner with FootFall for long-term retail intelligence, including Hammerson, British Land, Land Securities, Realm, JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, Capita Symonds, Realm, Savills and Legal & General.



FSP is the essential independent retail consultancy for those looking to improve the performance of their Shopping Centre.  Working across all centre types, from parades of local shops to regional shopping malls, FSP prides itself on working hard to deliver practical, bespoke solutions to the most challenging issues.  For over 40 years we have responded to the constantly changing consumer and occupier markets, meeting client needs in a cost-effective, imaginative way.

FSP achieves success for Shopping Centre owners, managers and managing agents by providing clear, actionable insight based on detailed, robust research and an encyclopaedic knowledge of retailers.  Amongst our wide ranging services we assess existing and prospective retailer performance, determine rent sustainability and provide leasing support to help define opportunities.  Outputs are summarised with jargon free recommendations which underpin strategy and build compelling business cases for target occupiers.

Our bespoke Sales Trend Analysis and Reporting system (STAR) offers Shopping Centre managers an easy to use, cost effective tool to record, report and analyse tenant performance. Using a secure online portal, standardised reports compare performance by centre, retailer or merchandise group, providing the required level of information to make decisions that truly impact centre performance.

Great Grottos

Who can say they have interviewed over 4,000 Elves in one month? Great Grottos can!

Our grottos are unique events, attracting thousands of families to shopping centers all over the UK. If you want to provide a magical Christmas experience like no other, look no further than Great Grottos – working ALL year round to deliver ‘the Magic of Christmas’.

Founded in 1997, Great Grottos have specialized in delivering the magic of Christmas to over 500 retail centers. We understand the importance of ensuring every child that visits one of our grottos has a truly magical experience from start to finish. 

Being pioneers in our field, we are the only company in the UK who can offer to manage your complete Christmas Grotto requirements.

Clients receive consultations on their grotto design, helping to improve the theatre and maximize the impact. Considerable time is spent on strategizing national recruitment and training programs. This constant evolution and individual focus ensures Great Grottos remain the market leaders.

Come and talk to us about our new licensing opportunities!


Kino-mo is award-winning company which developed the new holograms for mass market - an eye-catching technology projecting 3D images and video in mid-air.

New hi-tech cost-effective visual technology is long overdue and holograms, which could have fulfilled the gap, being a sure way to astonish viewers and effectively deliver advertising messaging, have been on the radar for many years but are simply unavailable for the mass market due to extortionate costs and difficulties with setting up and content creation.

Kino-mo developed a cost-effective holographic technology that provides high impact and designed to require little maintenance. Kino-mo’s Holo Displays require no custom setup, and content creation is quick and straightforward.

Kino-mo gives an opportunity to create instant, low cost 'holograms' which together with simplicity in installation and content creation makes it a scalable technology and opens up a new world of possibilities for high impact ideas in public places like shopping malls, airports, stations, supermarkets.

In 2015 the company’s first version of Holo-display was awarded Top 3 British inventions of 2015. Kino-mo won several British accolades including Shell, Cambridge University and UCL Bright Idea Award. In July 2015 Kino-mo got backing from Richard Branson as the UK Start-up of the Year.

May Nineteen


We are a creative retail events company who conceptualise, plan, produce and deliver live events for the UK's top retail and leisure destinations. We understand that shopping centres offer far more than just retail; they are hubs for dining, socialising, leisure, creativity, community, culture and well-being. The live events and activities we produce engage people, drive sales, create theatre and offer shoppers a vibrant and unique experience. 

To create effective retail events like these demands a combination of imagination and expertise. That's why at Maynineteen we bring together a diverse and highly experienced team of dedicated planners and producers plus a wider team of creatives to work on every project. 

Applying this diverse set of skills over the past 12 years we have built a reputation for offering industry leading concept and design creativity together with the expertise and acumen to deliver on time and budget.

We create Smart Retail Events that engage, inspire and delight to help our clients to prosper. Our events are innovative and imaginative, they connect people to retail spaces in dynamic and profitable ways. A great retail event will make people want to stay in your space and share their experience with others. 

We know that collaboration makes us stronger, more creative and surprising. Our imagination and expertise ensures brilliant ideas become reality. We’re hard working and straight talking. We work nationally and our clients include; Intu, Hammerson and Land Securities.

NMC Surfacing

NMC Surfacing

NMC Surfacing is an independent surfacing and civil engineering contractor that provides a 24/7 Nationwide service for some of the UK’s leading blue chip companies, from our network of regional offices.

As market leaders in car park refurbishment and maintenance, our clients rely on our specialist knowledge, flexible approach and site management expertise to help them deliver their projects on time and on budget

We understand that car parks differ significantly in terms of age, condition, use and location and our aim is to help car park managers be more effective in the management of their site infrastructure. Through assisting with life cycle costing and budgeting, RAG reports, planning and phasing, we bring our expertise to find the best solutions for our customers using the most suitable specification of products, all backed by a warranty. 

We aim to establish long-term partner relationships based on trust and understanding and our services are retained on numerous national contracts. We are accredited to CHAS, Constructionline and Contractor Plus standards, and hold a comprehensive ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which is why you can be confident every project we undertake will be carried out to the highest standards.



NOONAN is an award winning and market leading provider of strategically outsourced services to the retail sector. The group self-delivers a wide range of services, which include cleaning, security, building maintenance, technical support and total facilities management, to the sector.

NOONAN understands the challenges facing the sector. To help its retail clients to overcome these challenges, the group has developed a sector focussed approach. NOONAN’s expert retail sector Business Director, Brendan Keogh, and dedicated retail sector operations teams design and deliver innovative, highly efficient service solutions for shopping centres and retail stores throughout the UK and Ireland. The group’s service delivery approach is based on three fundamentals: a highly engaged workforce, subject matter experts to lead all contracts and a commitment to service excellence.

NOONAN has been awarded the Deloitte Best Managed Companies award for the past 3 consecutive years. The group won the Best FM Service Provider Award at the 2014 FM Awards and has won the Golden Service Award, multiple CIPD awards, environmental awards, and a host of cleaning and security industry awards.

NOONAN’s is proud to provide services for a host of prestigious clients including: Tesco, Primark, H&M, TK Maxx, Bannon, Savills, CBRE and Lambert Smith Hampton.

On Brand Group

Our expertise originated in sound: music and spoken word messaging connecting you to your customers via telephone on-hold & IVR, Centre Radio and in-store music. The digital age has allowed us to indulge in our passion for creating new content where we are investing in developing visual IVR, syndicated feeds of digital content to support shopping centres and retail parks with digital marketing content creation.

In the background our team have developed simple delivery platforms to get your content to you as quickly as possible: so from website design to content management through to proprietary audio channel management we've got connecting content to your customers covered!

Red I Creative

Red-I Creative

Paint the Town RED!

Red i Creative has over 20 years experience in the retail world having supplied decorations, grotto’s and displays to shopping centres throughout the UK, bringing over 60 years combined theatrical creativity and imagination to the Shopping Centre environment. 

Red I Creative now extends its reach to all aspects of shopping centre events throughout the retail year. Specialising in child centric experiential events for every season, staffed by enthusiastic and reliable costumed performers with top quality role play interactions. We pride ourselves on whole hearted customer engagement and intervention, encouraging the return of your customer’s time and time again.

From Grotto management to Promotional staffing, interactive workshops to arts & crafts experiences, Event launches to mascot costumes, Indoor Beaches to Ice Rinks, unique interactive themed events are our speciality, whatever your requirements we will find your solution!

Grab a Prop & Strike a Pose! Come and join us in the bar after dinner and have your photo taken at our interactive photo booth. Show off your awards & your glad rags, come and get snapped with our state of the art technology and collect free photo goodies for all!

For a unique First Class service, RED i Creative is just the ticket!

Retail Report

Retail Report

Retail Report is a brand new data analytics service from ITVET, allowing you to automatically bring in all the data about your shopping centre and then use this to provide alerts, reports, comparisons and forecasts.

We collect data from many sources automatically without any work for you:

  • Sales data using automated phone calls, SMS and emails within a special retailer portal
  • Parking data from most common parking systems
  • Footfall Social media (Twitter/Facebook etc.)
  • Website traffic
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Weather, traffic, news
  • Utility usage
  • Health and safety
  • Internal and external events
  • Much more… and anything else you imagine!

Once we have this data we shape and analyse it, and provide you with:

  • Alerts – know about any issues affecting your centre in real time
  • Reports – either online or in print for management meetings
  • Comparisons – between different centres and retailers, and/or different metrics (for example parking to footfall to weather)
  • Forecasts – using our unique algorithms to predict sales figures or if a retailer might be in trouble

Our software is cloud hosted so no hardware is necessary, and works on any device – PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Data is the future, and Retail Report allows you to reap the rewards!

Ride On

Ride On! Entertainment are the world's leading specialist 'Premium' coin operated ride suppliers to leading shopping centre groups around the globe. With over 40 years in the industry, Ride On!

Entertainment are the market leaders for new innovation to the shopping centre sector and offer an unparalleled selection of the most popular children's brands worldwide. Our exclusive selection of leading brands mean we deliver the most competitive revenue performance in any given market.

Our focus is customer value which we deliver by constantly upgrading our fleet and providing the most intensive and reactionary service there is in our industry. The variety and quality of our products ensure that our shopping centres experience the very best 'on mall' presentation.

Shop Alert


Shop Alert, today widely recognised as a generic term within the UK shopping centre sector, continues to evolve and cement its reputation as the most complete and up-to-date security management and centre-to-retailer communication system of choice for over 50 centres nationwide.

The newest bespoke version, Shop Alert 20 20, a Web-based system with tablet-like touch screen tenant keypads, is now equipped with an enhanced suite of Apps, among them major incident Apps key to Shop Alert’s mission to assist centres UK-wide to become Stay Safe environments.

Shop Alert’s ground-breaking Apps are all-encompassing, incorporating: Major Incident Apps - Firearms & Weapons, Bomb Warning, Evacuate and the all-new Lockdown App, developed in direct response to last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

Other Apps - Retail Reporting, In-Centre Email, Loyalty Scheme, Security Management, Disabled Refuge, Guard Tour, Muster Point.

Shop Alert, part of the Alert Innovation Group, remains an extremely powerful tool, offering a simple and speedy response for all security and tenant services, coupled with highly efficient two-way communication.

Need to know more or would like a demo? Visit our stand in the Durham Suite, or contact David Lalor on 01535 691 897, mob 07714 900 707

Shop Alert

Shoppertainment Management

Shoppertainment Management is a leading provider of Mall Income Generation and Marketing Consultancy to the shopping centre industry.

As an award-winning company, Shoppertainment manages mall space and marketing contracts for a high calibre of managing agents and landlord clients in centres across the UK.

Shoppertainment is a unique business in the fact that we fuse together marketing and commercialisation. With a talented and experienced team, we have the ability and knowledge to market and promote centres in a dynamic way.

Specialising in generating income and providing tailored mall events, we create spectacular, creative and interesting promotions that enhance the ever changing mall environment. We manage centre’s social media accounts as well as covering centre PR.

Shoppertainment continually evolve the mall income concept and work closely with centre management teams to create bespoke events that are a win-win for owners and offer the ultimate mall experience for shoppers.

Contact the team:
Clare Andrew, Managing Director
Janet Monks, Director
0161 817 5221

VIP Premium Vaping & E-Liquids

VIP is one of the most recognised names in the UK Electronic Cigarette market. VIP were established in 2009 and were taken over by in April 2014, making the company global market leaders in the Premium Electronic Cigarette industry. VIP strives to pursue new growth opportunities and continues to improve profitability while remaining a socially responsible and ethical company. 

Vaping has become increasingly popular in the UK, and VIP are keen to ensure that those users are getting the best experience from their e-cigarettes and that they are using a trusted company that adheres to UK safety standards. All VIP’s E-Liquids are manufactured and packaged in the UK and our ingredients are regularly tested by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory to certify purity and consistency. VIP are also members of ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association). 

In the last 4 years the retail presence of VIP has grown exponentially. VIP have over 200 sites (100 VIP owned in the UK) and trade in many of the premier Shopping Centres and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with many of the premier landlords across the UK, including our premium experiential blending boutiques and kiosks in Westfield Stratford City, Intu Uxbridge and Brent Cross to name a few.

Are you a service provider? Contact Graham Harvey at Shopping Centre for sponsorship opportunities.

Are you a UK or Ireland shopping centre manager? Visit to find out more about this event.

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