The male shopper mindset

Published:  25 October, 2011

The findings of a new report into male shopping behaviour reveal that 54 per cent of men now shop every couple of days.

Conducted by Shoppercentric, an independent agency specialising in shopper research, the findings show, perhaps stereotypically, that 49 percent of men only like to shop if they know what they’re going to buy compared to 38 per cent of women, and that their priority is to get in and out of a shop as quickly as possible. Men are also more likely to be put off by overcrowding and queues.

On the flip side, men tend to spend more money to impress a partner on a shopping trip, averaging £391 in comparison to women’s £131.  (Fourteen per cent of men spend over £200 on a partner’s birthday present compared to just four percent of women).

And young men (18-24 year olds) seem to be exempt from most male shopping clichés and are happier to browse, enjoy the social side of shopping and what’s more appear to be more impulsive than women.

Twenty-four percent of men aged 18-24 (and 22 per cent of men aged 25-34) agree with the statement that they love making shopping a social event with their friends, compared to a 12 percent male average and 22 percent of women.

Plus 63 per cent of this group are often reminded in store of something they want to buy.

“We conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research for this report as we really wanted to know what made male shoppers tick and to specifically challenge some of the perceptions about their buying behaviour,” said Shoppercentric managing director, Danielle Pinnington.

“The findings have been very insightful. Yes, they support the already established stereotype that men prefer to plan their shopping and spend less time browsing, but they also show that men get a lot of enjoyment out of shopping when they find a retail channel or store format that suits them. The issue we’ve identified, and needs to be addressed, is that most stores don’t suit them - hence the internet being a preferred channel for many.”


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