Moorgarth invests in markets

Asset manager brings the traditional marketplace back to its shopping centres

Moorgarth is to open traditional markets at its malls in Bolton, Reading, Shirley and Edinburgh to restore a sense of community and vibrancy to these public places.

The Leeds-based owner and investor is currently working on four projects in each of its shopping centres in Bolton Market Place, Broad Street Mall in Reading, Parkgate in Shirley and Waverley Mall in Edinburgh, to introduce traditional, quality, local product markets as an antidote to identikit towns and faceless online shopping.

Moorgarth works in partnership with operators, local entrepreneurs, landlords, local authorities, community groups and other third-party stakeholders to tailor projects to suit the desires and demands of the local communities.

Leading Moorgarth’s market revival strategy is Frédéric Bonnet, who boasts extensive experience in the positioning, development and management of retail markets and real estate consultancy. Bonnet launched the Geraud Group, European leader for the management of retail markets, into the UK.

Tim Vaughan, CEO of Moorgarth Group, said: “For us, real estate asset management is about much more than buying and refurbishing a building and then renting it out or selling it. It’s about creating a working environment, a community that people relate to and want to spend time in, because it’s exciting, interesting and innovative.”

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