Grosvenor unveils new Mayfair shopping district

Consultation begins on development of South Molton Triangle

Grosvenor has been working with Westminster City Council on options for the site bounded by Davies Street, Brook Street and South Molton Street. The area is well-known as the home of Grays Antiques market and lies immediately opposite the new Elizabeth Line Bond Street West station. It also encompasses a number of narrow side streets which Grosvenor believes, with investment, can be used to safely disperse pedestrians from the new station and provide other services to the area.

The proposals include the creation of inviting and safe pedestrian routes bordered by new mixed use buildings, which will allow both residents and local workers to continue to enjoy Mayfair even as pedestrian numbers grow.

Grosvenor executive director Simon Harding-Roots said: “The West End is currently ill-equipped to cope with the levels of pedestrian traffic we already see every day, let alone the arrival of thousands of extra visitors expected from the Elizabeth Line. Many of Mayfair’s pavements are too narrow, routes were built for a different era and, perhaps counter intuitively, there are not enough services for those living in and visiting the area.

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