Good weather boosts footfall

Springboard detects slight year-on-year uplift

Footfall for last week scraped an increase against last year, with a rise of +0.2 per cent across the Springboard Index. This relatively flat result follows on from 2 years of opposing variance with this week in 2017 falling -2.3 per cent and in 2016, increasing +4.7 per cent. All location types saw an increase against the previous week as performance improved along with the weather.
The increasingly good weather as the week progressed towards and into the bank holiday weekend boosted performances for both high streets and retail parks but drew shoppers away from shopping centre destinations in comparison to last year.
High streets performance polarised, despite an overall increase of +0.9 per cent, 5 of 10 areas fell, with a low of -2.7 per cent in Scotland. Retail park performance was less volatile with a result of +0.4 per cent. Scotland and Wales experienced growth in shopping centre numbers increasing +1.4 per cent and +5.3 per cent respectively but this was not enough to subvert the overall trend with an average drop across the UK of -1.3 per cent. Regionally, Wales alone increased footfall across all location types with an overall result of +3.3 per cent.

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