Footfall slumps as Easter approaches

Springboard records falls across the board

The expected trend variables caused by an early Easter and the subsequent early Mothering Sunday is beginning to be noticeable, as footfall sees an annual decline for last week of -6.6 per cent across all retail locations. With Easter just around the corner tempting consumers to hold off their spending until next weekend and the comparative run up week to Mothering Sunday in 2017, shopper numbers declined across each location type annually – compounded of course by the blast of snow that covered most of the UK at the beginning of last week. On a positive note however, numbers increased against the Siberian conditions of the previous week with a rise of +2.7 per cent.

The combined effects of the above resulted in a blanket downturn across all retail with little differentiation between location type specific results. Shopping centres felt the brunt, with a drop of -7.9 per cent followed by -6.4 per cent for high streets and finally -5.6 per cent for retail parks. No region was unaffected either with most falling between -5.0 per cent and -7.0 per cent for the week. But the weekly improvement was also universal (with the exception of the South West, which dropped just -0.1 per cent) and a high of +4.8 per cent for retail parks.

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