Footfall calms after storm

Retail rights itself as bad weather clears up according Springboard

In normal circumstances a rise in footfall of +25.5 per cent from the previous week would be regarded as super-performance; but, in reality, it was simply footfall righting itself following negative impact of the same magnitude due the severe weather the week before.  A more accurate reading is therefore the annual shift, which was just -0.7 per cent across all UK retail destinations.

With snow remaining on the ground in many parts of the UK, shoppers sought either the covered environments of shopping centres or the accessibility and ease of parking of retail parks. This meant that high street footfall continued to be impacted, declining by -4.9 per cent over the year compared with rises of +3.6 per cent in shopping centres and +3.8 per cent in retail parks.

High street footfall declined in all but two geographies (+0.6 per cent in the South West and +4.5 per cent in Ireland).  High streets in Greater London and the South East were the hardest hit (-6.9 per cent in London and -6.8 per cent in the South East), although those in Scotland and Wales followed closely behind (-5.5 per cent and -5.4 per cent respectively).

The contrast in performance between high streets and the other two destination types was comprehensive, as shopping centre and retail park footfall rose annually in every UK geography; with retail park footfall increasing by as much as +7 per cent in Greater London and shopping centre footfall by as much as +6 per cent in the South East.

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