Ellandi repurposes Stockton space

Offices replace retail at Castlegate shopping centre

In a bid to rethink the archetypal shopping centre model, Ellandi has been working to repurpose the space above the Castlegate Shopping Centre, transforming it into contemporary office accommodation to meet the requirements of local businesses.

The first phase showcases the development of Walker House, situated above Castlegate, which now houses The White Box Office Collection office space, in the newly named Castlegate business centre.

Centre manager Karen Eve said: “The flexible working space brings a new dimension for businesses in the town centre and suits the growing number of independent and freelance operators, while also meeting the business needs of SMEs. It makes sense to realise the potential of Castlegate Shopping Centre and to invest in a professional services offering right on the high street. For retail locations to grow, they need to be combined with essential civic services and wider business amenities,” adds Karen Eve.

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