Easter brings out the shoppers

Springboard records strong uplift in shopper numbers

The early occurrence of Easter this year makes a true comparison against 2017 very difficult, however, the upward movement in footfall from the previous week of +6.0 per cent (nearly three times as large an uplift as the week before last) demonstrates that shoppers have been waiting for Easter to shop. With the week culminating in Good Friday and Easter Saturday, it is clear that the marked drop in footfall over the year in the previous week meant that shoppers were deferring trips until the schools had broken up.

Retail parks and shopping centres fared better than high streets, with rises in footfall from the previous week of +8.8 per cent and +7.8 per cent versus a more modest +3.9 per cent in high streets. This is undoubtedly a function of the heavy rain in particular parts of the UK on Good Friday and Easter Saturday and reflects our results for Good Friday and Easter Saturday, when footfall was much lower in high streets than in the covered environment of shopping centres and in retail parks.

Footfall rose over the week in every part of the UK, but while the uplift in high street footfall in all but one geography was around just 2 per cent-3 per cent, in retail parks and shopping centres the degree of increase was above +5.0 per cent in all but one area.

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