British Land launches new supplier Code of Conduct

Move is designed to promote ethical practices down the supply chain

British Land will require all of its suppliers to promote safe and fair working conditions and the responsible management of social, ethical and environmental issues.

The new code sets out supplier obligations in areas such as:

Social: health and safety, child labour, forced labour, working hours, payment, discrimination, freedom of association, right to collective bargaining, community engagement and apprenticeships.

Ethical: conflict of interest, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud and money laundering, whistleblowing and privacy.

Environmental: sourcing of materials, environmental management, air quality and waste management.

BL will encourage suppliers to take all reasonable endeavours to promote this code to their suppliers and subcontractors. Whilse suppliers hold responsibility for compliance with the code, BL will require them to provide reasonable access to assess their performance where appropriate, for instance through third party audits.

Ginny Warr, head of procurement at British Land: “As our suppliers are often the face of British Land, we never underestimate the importance of sharing our principles and expectations to enable the delivery of our strategic objectives. Our new Supplier Code of Conduct supports our ongoing commitment to our suppliers to operate an open and collaborative working relationship in which all parties can thrive and grow. The clear articulation of our expectations through this Code will ensure that all parties are set up for success.”

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